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The Marriott Marquis serves as the headquarters hotel for anime, films, nighttime games, the Hospitality Suite, and the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival.

The Comic Creator Connection is still in the Santa Rosa Room on Friday and Sunday (along with Game Creator Connection on Saturday only), while the Panel Playback room is now in Marriott Marina Ballroom DE.

Wristbands will be given out for the first panel of each day in Hall H. Please remain seated once an event starts, and leave only after the event finishes. When you are facing the stage, the restrooms are to your right.Comic-Con is once again using the massive 6,500-seat hall known as Hall H.This hall is so huge that in addition to the notes above, it has some specific guidelines: The line for Hall H starts outside the building in Plaza Park, outside of the Convention Center.They include: In the primary programming room area (Rooms 2 through 11 on the top level of the Convention Center), the four hallways leading into these rooms have been designated as either entrance only or exit only.Please see the map on page 10 in the and look for the signage over each of the programming room hallways upstairs.

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