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She was a victim, they say, not only of a troubled childhood, but also of a bullying studio system which pigeonholed her for the dumb blonde parts when she was capable of so much more. But millions of people have difficult backgrounds and triumph over them.

Instead of overcoming obstacles, Monroe spent much of her life wallowing in them.

In one of her last acts before her death in 1962, she agreed to appear nude in Life magazine, so that she would ‘push Liz Taylor off the covers’, to use her own jealous words.

The obsession with her will be further fuelled in Britain this month with the release of the high-profile movie, My Week With Marilyn.Her mix of phoney innocence and pushy voluptuousness holds little appeal for me.At times, with her fake blonde hair and exaggerated wiggle of her hips, she seems more like a grisly drag queen than a real woman.Ashley Paleta looking oh so sexy in her slutty black underwear! Ashley Paleta has big balls and a rock hard shecock!

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