Cybersex hookups

I concluded that Lin was drawn to huge cocks and DPs more in theory than anything else.

She insisted that she had no interest in fucking anyone but me so, for the time being, the idea of a threesome seemed to be out.

Lin loved to watch girls taking cock in their pussies and asses.

The funny thing was, she wouldn't let me go near her ass, insisting that I was far too big to be messing around back there.

The next page came from a man in his 50s who had a camera and invited us to look at his huge cock.

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Lin's fantasies always seemed to involve being watched – the dirtiest one included dozens of me jerking off over her as she fucked me in some isolated location. In just a few minutes we'd logged into an adult swingers website and began broadcasting a view from our bedroom.

Reaching down as we lay together in my bed, making out, her hand had found my throbbing member and an excited gasp had escaped her lips.

"You're huge," she'd told me, explaining that I had considerable length an girth over any of her previous partners. I'm above average with a well-proportioned 7" dick, which is, from what I've been told and what I've seen in pictures and movies, fairly thick. Several of the women I've been with had slept with guys who were bigger than me and I assumed that a woman as experienced as Lin must have come across some large men.

We started making out and, as I ran my fingers over her hard nipples and teased her waist just above her pussy, I brought it up. In almost no time, we had dozens of people watching us.

Most were men – no surprise there – but there were a few couples and a handful of single women.

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    It was billed as a blog and support group for Wall Street's saddest cases: the once pampered young women forced to adjust to life without bottle service, Bergdorf Goodman accounts and boom-time sex—the collateral damage caused by thousands of points vanishing in a blink from the Dow.