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Check Hi, I started working for my employer last year on H1b.

I've also singed employee agreement contract which stated to work for my employer for a period of 1 year (2080 hrs).

However being non resident has nothing to do with USICS. Also, you wont go on "F-1" visa since you'll use AP. also, what happens if your spouse is on F1 when the primary applicant files for 485/EAD/AP?

But you do need an I-20.(two different things ...similar to I-797 and H1) So, the question to be asked is not "Can one goto F-1 visa after filing EAD" rather "Can one goto school after filing EAD ? I don't quite understand why one can't ( I'm sure there are reasons) If a person can stay at home or be self employed after applying for EAD/AP. I think you can, however u need to join the same position for which the GC was filed and u need to be paying taxes. Husband Wife - 1 Application Wife - Seperate Appln. BETTER CALL FROM WORK PHONE, IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING SAFE.

Legal immigration problem cannot be solved by these channels.

FOX channel is extreme right when it comes to the matter and interests of one of the party Republican party and they are biased for Tea scum bag party.

It also states that in case of improper termination of the contract, the employee is reponsible for the damages caused.

My employer is based in Texas and I am working in california.

One was insisting to pay for the damages in order for a smooth transition. Has anybody similar experiences with their employers? Is it advisable to send any such letters (as my employer did) stating the breach of agreement by my employer (such as not paying while on bench etc) ? Should I wait till I get any legal notices from my employer? Hi, My application for I485 was received by Texas service centre. Is there anyone who filled on 2nd of july and have not heard back from USCIS. You can do a lot in this instance with a single well-exposed (highlights to the right, but not blown out) RAW file from a low-noise camera (e.g. ;) What you must do is to go through the RAW conversion process twice, making two files: one with the highlights placed where you want them (don't worry about the shadows), and another with the shadows brought up to the level that you'd like (the highlights will be blown out in this image).

How about bay area proper bay area in any decent neighbourhood is going to run anywhere from 600K-2million.

For 400k I think the only places in south bay would be either parts of south san jose or Milpitas. Another option (depending on where you are working) could be part-way up the bay, say union city, or San Ramon.

Given that he was using film when he wrote that, he included a bit on aligning the two images, which you won't need to worry about because both of your images came from the same photo.

If you have any more questions, I'd be glad to help, or I'm sure one of our other members who's forgotten more about Photoshop than I'll ever know could help you even better.

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