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Jaimala - The bride is accompanied by her sisters to the wedding mandap.Her face remains covered behind a fan made up of peacock feathers held by her sisters.Spoken by over 40 million people, it is one of the top 40 languages spoken in the world.Its spoken form varies from region to region, however, the written form is generally consistent.

Before leaving for the wedding venue the groom seeks blessings from local deities by visiting a nearby temple.

Mandap Puja - This puja is performed by the priest before starting of any wedding day rituals to ensure the mandap and wedding venue are purified from any bad omen. Var Puja - According to Hindu traditions, the groom is a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, thus he is worshipped by the bride's family.

He is made to sit in the wedding mandap by his father in law.

The bride and the groom then exchange garland three times.

Dhareherdu - This Kannada ritual is analogous to the Kanyadaan ceremony in Hindu weddings.

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