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The pair were the projected successors of Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor, future hall of famers in their final season with Green Bay.The two rookies were on the College All-Star team that lost to the NFL champion Packers 38–0 at Soldier Field in Chicago, and they joined the Packers' training camp after the game, and they were tabbed the "Gold Dust Twins." When Harness Racing was dubbed “America’s Fastest Growing Sport” in the late `50’s they were 1-2 and 2-1 in money earnings as they exemplified class and finesse in campaigning their stables.Also in 1973 Las Vegas was witness to a remarkable run by Chip Reese and Danny Robison.On a weekend getaway vacation, with a combined bankroll of 0, they played poker in 12-hour shifts and in two and a half years [quite the long weekend getaway] won over ,000,000.Cape Cod was initially just the point of land at the tip of the peninsular due to the many cod fish that the original explorers found the feeding off of Stellwagens Bank, one of the islands that submerged about 5,000 years ago.

The effort by Alfred D that day didn't create too much enthusiasm with the crowd but it was the first time the new bicycle tires were used in a race and they would eventually lower the times of all harness horses between five and seven seconds!The Press proclaimed them “Harness Racings' Gold Dust Twins” as they each established new World Records year after year.In 1968 Billy would capture the Pacing Triple Crown with Rum Customer while Stanley took the Trotting Triple Crown with Nevele Pride.With the advent of the new sulky a mile became as common as eyebrows.The ”modified” sulky broke the barrier when the incomparable Niatross’ time trialed in .1m at Lexington’s Red Mile in October of 1980.

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