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I won’t pretend I understand how much pain she must be in, and if all she had done was yell at me I think I’d be willing to brush it off. I’ve thought about asking my supervisor to document the fact that she lied in case it ever happens again and I need a record, but that seems incredibly cruel to do to a woman who’s already suffering so much.But she went to my supervisor and lied and tried to get me in trouble. Should I apologize to her even though I didn’t do anything wrong? I was prepared to be outraged at Jane, but grief can cause people to behave in really odd ways.So I would just go with, “Please excuse the current state of my smile — I’m in the middle of having dental work done and it won’t be like this forever — but it’s a little embarrassing right now, and I hope it won’t be too distracting today.” 3.Checking in with a hiring manager after the holidays I had a phone interview for a position at a company I would love to work before the holidays.The hiring manager had said at the end that she was in the midst of phone screenings, but would continue the hiring process after the new year.I think the interview went really well and sent her a “thank you” email the following day.

It's not really the first impression he's looking for.

I’m coming down on the side of just making sure that your manager is clear that you did nothing wrong (it sounds like that’s the case) and giving Jane a wide berth for a while. I know a great smile is key to first impressions, especially if I will be working with the public. Everything else, hair, clothes, and demeanor, is on point.

If anything else like this happens, at that point I’d go back to your manager to problem-solve because you can’t walk on eggshells around Jane forever, but for now I’d assume this was was one bad incident but won’t become a pattern (until and unless it does). Interviewing while missing several front teeth I am currently in the middle of extensive dental work and have several front teeth missing. I’m afraid employers will think my teeth are bad from drugs (nope, just lots and lots of coffee and a lack of dental insurance).

Apparently Jane had recently had a miscarriage (I honestly had no idea!

) and she told my supervisor I was mocking her for it.

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