Samad khoshbakht mishavad online dating

See full summary » Director: Ali Hatami This film, based on a well-known novel of the same name by Sadegh Chooback, is about a wronged man seeking revenge.Director Amir Naderi's inspiration for making the film was one of his ...See full summary » Director: Parviz Sayyad Mehri and her father are tenants at Jafar's house.Jafar's son Reza likes Mehri and wants to marry her.

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Director: Ebrahim Forouzesh Sahand, Mohsen and Foroozande are attacking engineer Kazem's house on a rainy night and steal the house and injure him.

The carpet belongs to Samad but he has sent it to Leila's house.

The archaeologist tries to steal it from them but is ...

But their application is rejected on the ground of the documents...

See full summary » Director: Masud Kimiai Wounded by the police, a thief looks up his old friend in order to leave the proceeds of his theft with him.

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