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Medusa shows superb cunning by creating a trap for the Invisible Girl.

She lures Sue to an East Side fashion house, on the pretext of showing her some wedding dresses.

When Sue arrives, Medusa captures her easily with her deadly red hair and the Trapster makes certain the blonde girl cannot escape by shooting her with his paste gun.

The Wizard flies himself, Sue and his two partners up into the air.

This allows Reed’s costume to stretch as he does, Invisible Girl’s goes invisible when she does, and Human Torch’s doesn't burn up when he flames on.

Reed decided there was no choice but to launch the ship before the whole effort was scrapped and wasted.

Ben chose the name " Thing" and Reed decided to call himself " Mr. The Fantastic Four was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four #1, November 1961.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Fantastic Four after seeing what a success DC Comics' Justice League was.

The crew now set, everyone was ready for launch when Reed received a warning from the authorities concerning the effects of the cosmic rays on human bodies so far out in space.

Reed's request for launch was denied and the mission aborted.

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