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Accredited Drug Testing provides DNA testing in all cities nationwide and in the event the parties for the DNA test are located in different cities, Accredited Drug Testing will coordinate and schedule all of the DNA tests to ensure that all parties are accommodated in a convenient manner.As an example, if the mother and child are in one city, but the alleged father is in another, we will contact all parties to schedule the DNA test at a convenient location and time and report the results back to the authorized parties.When the parties are available to take the DNA test (Accredited Drug Testing will schedule the appointment with each available party).Once the results are received from the AABB laboratory Accredited Drug Testing will forward the results by email and U. Once all parties have completed the DNA test collection, the specimens are immediately sent to the certified AABB laboratory and results are usually available within 3-5 business days. , Accredited Drug Testing can provide on-site/mobile DNA testing at your home, office, hospital or other location.Each year many individual clients, child support offices, attorneys, judges, and physicians choose Genetic Profiles as their source for information, guidance and testing services in order to determine paternity. It typically takes about 3-4 working days to complete the testing.In cases where the mother’s sample is not included or when an abnormal/difficult sample is used, testing may require more time. Yes, The DNA test results are strictly confidential. DNA analysis, which has proven to be a major advance in the field of paternity testing, involves the direct examination of the genetic material that a child inherited from its biological parents.

The AABB accreditation is the highest national standard applied to DNA testing laboratories.

S Embassy located in a foreign country where the other party is located.

Once the DNA collection has occurred at one of our testing centers in the U. S Embassy where the other parties are located, Accredited Drug Testing will ensure that all specimens are sent to the lab for DNA testing and provide the results once the AABB laboratory has analyzed the DNA test.

(Additional on-site fees may apply) What is paternity? Paternity is established when a paternity testing laboratory uses genetic testing methods / DNA test, to demonstrate to a legal standard, that an alleged father is the biological father.

Paternity is disproved when these same methods and standards demonstrate that an alleged father is not the biological father. DNA testing refers to the process of examining an individual’s DNA markers for the purpose of genetic human identification and for determining the relationship between two people. The DNA profiling method is an extremely accurate genetic testing method.

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